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Shouguang zhonghe biological chemicalco.,LTD.Is located in shouguang city bohai chemicalpark,the hometown of Chinese vegetable with beautiful scenery.Shouguang zhonghe biological chemical co.,LTD., founded in 2006,on November13,the registered address of shouguang bohai chemical bohai sea road no.2,the registered capital of 18million yuan,the company legal representative for FuXueLiang,covers an area of 62.5mu.There are 74 employees,including 23 technicians and 6 safe tymanagement.......

Technology creates

  • Product display

    The main products of the company include the pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates.
  • application area

    The company is committed to the fine chemicals production and processing.
  • Patent property right

    Most of the raw materials in the park can be purchased to the strong advantage.
  • scientific research

    The company's existing staff of 74 people, of whom 23 were technical staff.
  • CAS No.133362-45-9 2-Chloro-3-amino-4-methyl pyridine

    Molecular formula:C6H7CLN2
    Molecular weight: 142.59

    CAS No.7252-83-7 Bromoacetaldehyde dimethyl carbinol

    Molecular formula:C4H9BrO2
    Molecular weight: 169.01

    CAS No.17630-75-0 5-Chloroindole-2-ketone

    Molecular formula:C8H6CINO
    Molecular weight: 167.59

    CAS No.5436-21-5 Sulfadimoxine,SDM

    CAS No.C12H14N4O4S
    Molecular weight: 310.32

    • 2018-01-23

      Nabumetone reference substance (content of 99.85%), raw materials, Southwest Synthetic Pharmaceutical Factory; theophylline, China Pharmaceutical and Biological Products Inspection; nabumetone tablets, Jiangxi Dawn Pharmaceutical Factory. Methanol, sodium acetate, glacial acetic acid were o......

    • 2018-01-23

      The researchers used a high-level electron microscope called Cryo-EM, which was awarded to the Nobel Prize in 2017 for magnification and capture of the reading mechanism's image with unprecedented detail.......

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      Vinyl acetate market in 2017 after two rounds of push up. At the beginning of the second quarter, vinyl acetate ushered in the overhaul season. Ningxia Earth, Inner Mongolia Shuangxin and Shanxi Three-dimensional, together with Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd., stopped its parking at the en......

    • 2018-01-23

      Low-cost hydrogen production is the basis for achieving "hydrogen economy." One of the ideal programs is to simulate the photoreaction stage of photosynthesis in plants, using sunlight to decompose water. At present, artificially decomposing water often consumes extra ener......

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      In chemical production, scientists experiments and life activities, the catalyst is fully demonstrated. For example, vanadium pentoxide is used as a catalyst in sulfuric acid production. Nitrogen gas with hydrogen synthesis of ammonia, iron-based multi-group catalyst to be used to improve t......